Why not eat instant noodles regularly ?

Instant noodles are considered cheaper and easier to make. They are the perfect ally for those who don’t often have time to cook for themselves. But regular consumption is very bad for your health. Here are some reasons why you should not eat them regularly.

Weight gain

Instant noodles, when consumed regularly in the diet, cause weight gain. This is because noodles are quite high in fat as well as calories. They also contain artificial preservatives, salt and colourings. Furthermore, noodles do not contain any nutrients that could be of service to the body. All these components play a very negative role on the body by leaving bad cholesterol in it. In addition, the many additives are harmful to the metabolism.

Increased blood pressure

Excessive consumption of instant noodles also increases blood pressure. In addition to fat, they also contain a lot of sodium and sugar. This affects the heart and arteries. Also, the saturated and hydrogenated fat in noodles is a source of increased blood pressure. People with blood pressure problems should not eat noodles.

Acts on the digestive system

When you eat noodles, you probably have trouble digesting them because they usually take several hours to digest. This problem increases when you eat more and more of them regularly. This will have a negative effect on the digestive system in the future. Bloating problems will also be felt. In addition, it is junk food.

Cancer and miscarriage

Instant noodles, because of their composition, have been found to be a source of cancer when consumed regularly. They are actually stored in polystyrene which is a perfect ally of cancer. They are also harmful to pregnant women. According to investigations, the consumption of noodles affects the development and growth of the foetus and can routinely cause miscarriages in some cases.