Discover 5 ways to eat vegetables

Eating vegetables is good for your health, whether you are a child or an adult. In fact, it is recommended to eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day. However, it has been observed that they are not really appreciated in dishes. To remedy this, here are 5 ways to eat them.

Vegetable kebabs

Vegetable skewers are a hilarious way to eat vegetables. They will soon attract children who will enjoy them and why not adults too. You can skewer several vegetables at once to colour your plate. In summer, you can add a few pieces of meat and cook them on the barbecue. This will make a party at home and encourage more people to eat it.

The vegetable smoothie

If you are a dieter, the vegetable smoothie will be your best ally. Indeed, the numerous vitamins will accompany you throughout and you will be more apt to lose as much weight as possible. Smoothies are also a great way to get children to eat vegetables. And to do this, favour sweet vegetables. You can add other vegetables but keep the sweetness.

Vegetable salad

Another nice way to eat vegetables is to make a salad. You can use as many vegetables as you like and eat as many as you like. This will give your plate more colour and will look very appetising. In addition, you are effectively preserving your health by eating healthy.


You will enjoy eating your vegetables in soup. You can add blended vegetables to your preparation, for example. This will only enhance the taste of your soup. Note also that vegetable soup is one of the most easily digestible dishes because of its high water content. In addition, it provides the body with many more vitamins and minerals because of the tenderised fibres.