What are the most commonly used kitchen utensils ?

Cooking is an art of passion. It is a field that requires a lot of attention from the specialist to succeed in his work. But this work cannot be done without the right kitchen utensils. The following content informs you about some of the most commonly used kitchen utensils 

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A kitchen needs to be well equipped to make this work easy. All kitchen utensils are important because each one has its role. For example, chopsticks are very often used in the kitchen. Because of their importance, they help in the preparation of many kinds of food.

Indeed, chopsticks are a kind of wooden spoon with various shapes. Round or oval, these spoons help to transfer food from a container A to a container B. Also, they allow you to stir your food, to beat it. They are very indispensable materials. It is a utensil whose use also contributes to cleanliness in the kitchen.


If there is one kitchen utensil that is present everywhere and for the preparation of food, it is the knife. Knives have a very decisive role in the kitchen. They are also important. They are among the first and most used utensils in the kitchen, and are present in every activity to be carried out in the kitchen. Because it is difficult to cook without having any food to cut.

With a knife, the cook has the possibility to cut the food with accuracy and precision. This equipment exists in different types and shapes. But whatever its shape, its role in cooking is almost irreplaceable.

Pots and pans

You can’t cook a dish without a vessel, a container. Pots and pans are the most commonly used containers. They are useful for preparing or heating rice and sauces. Pots and pans are made in different shapes and with different materials. This justifies their varying capacities.

Almost round in shape with often high edges, pans are the most commonly used cooking utensils. They offer a quick service in the preparation.