Yellow Kratom Review 2019: Benefits & Side Effects

A short intro to Yellow Kratom

Do you know why humanity has stayed for so long without going extinct? Something tells me it’s because of how we look out for each other. However, in recent days, one could argue that we’ve turned into nothing more than selfish zombies always stuck on our phones searching for approval on social media.

People are more concerned with appearances, lack genuine love for each other, and are usually too distracted to appreciate one another, not to mention the never-ceasing wars within and beyond borders.

Anyway, this is not an ethics class. The point is, a little kindness could go a long way to make the world a better place.

And this is where Yellow Kratom comes in. This unique kratom variety is touted to have the potential to imbue feelings of kindness, compassion, and patience. Imagine a world without violence, a place where everybody cares for the other person. Is this to say that yellow kratom could be the last hope for humanity?

Anyway, that was just food for thought.  The following is a review detailing everything you need to know about Yellow Kratom and its amazing world-changing benefits.

What is Yellow Kratom?

The origin of the yellow kratom has been an important topic of debate and speculation among kratom uses for a long time. Kratom farmers and harvesters aren’t too keen on sharing their secrets of how to produce yellow kratom, and understandably so. To date, Coca-Cola has never revealed its secret recipe for its world-famous sodas. Not to mention KFC would never disclose the secret formula.

Due to the speculation, some individuals suggest that yellow vein kratom originates from the leaves picked late after they have matured. Others have claimed that the yellow strings are blends of the main kratom varieties. This can also be blends that have been fermented which could be true in some cases.

Nonetheless, the most widespread opinion regarding the origin of yellow kratom is that it occurs due to being subjected to a different drying process.  If this is the case, then any of the three types of kratom can become yellow kratom.

Essentially, yellow kratom occurs by drying red vein leaves for a prolonged period and drying green or white kratom strains outdoors rather than indoors. The tribe lives may also be fermented later.

This different drying process eventually actors the color of the earth kratom as well as the alkaloid properties.

Yellow Kratom Benefits

The effects of yellow kratom have often been likened to those produced after using a strain of green kratom. Most of the yellow kratom strains cause highly similar effects. However, after experimenting with a few, you will notice some subtle differences. 

The following are some of the general effects of using yellow kratom.

  • Increased Focus
  • Higher energy levels
  • Mild pain relief
  • Mild relaxing effect
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Better cognitive function
  • Improve confidence

Most of the kratom users find it best to use Yellow kratom in the morning. This is a reasonable undertaking because given its benefits it will provide you with an energy boost, make you more alert and help you kick-start your day on a positive outlook. Besides, it doesn’t offer as sharp of a spike as opposed to White Kratom.

Again, its mild effects make yellow kratom a suitable variety for a beginner to ease their way into using stimulant kratoms, mainly if you’ve never used the white kratom variety before.  It can also be an excellent way to ease into white strains if you want powerful energizing and stimulating effects.

Yellow kratom can be beneficial to people experiencing symptoms of stress and anxiety. Those dealing with depression may benefit from this kratom variation as well.

At lower doses, you will experience focus, energy and even mild euphoria. However, as you up the dosage, the calming effect and the pain relief starts getting in until it overwhelms the happiness. This is an indication that you need to find the right dosage to strike the perfect balance to enjoy a broad range of effects from yellow kratom.

Types of Yellow Kratom

Yellow kratom is still quite the newcomer in the kratom family.  Therefore, you will find that the majority of the vendors do not stock it in many varieties. However, these are some of the most common yellow kratom varieties in the market today.

Yellow Bali Kratom– It is produced from the leaves of the white or green Bali. The Yellow Bali produces similar sedating effects, although less intense than those of the Red Bali. Anecdotal reports indicate that mood-boosting is the best quality of Yellow Bali.

Yellow Borneo Kratom– Depending on the supplier, this variety originates from the red Green or White Borneo. Its effects are similar to those of the Green Borneo. The Yellow Borneo is predominantly stimulant and euphoric. However, it also possesses pain-soothing properties. Its users also report being more positive and motivated.

Yellow Sumatra Kratom– This is one of the rarest yellow kratom strains, due to the scarcity of the Sumatra kratom trees.   Primarily yellow Sumatra provides energizing and euphoric effects. It also improves mood and overall wellness as well as increasing energy levels. Yellow Sumatra users also report experiencing fewer mood swings and lower stress levels.

Yellow Indo Kratom– It provides powerful euphoric and mildly stimulating effects.  It can also help to manage mild pain although this varies with each individual. It causes some of the longest-lasting effects, and users claim that it has a particularly delightful aroma.

Yellow Malay Kratom– This strain causes mild pain-relieving effects that users describe as homeopathic and subtle. Yellow Molly is also energizing and stimulating. It may also cause you to be more creative and productive. Albeit, you’ll still have an easier time after the effects start wearing off.

Yellow Vietnam Kratom– This is the new kid on the block. Yellow Vietnam originates from Vietnam, mainly from the forests around the Mekong Delta. This region is said to have high humidity and nutrient-dense soils. As a result, the Yellow Vietnam Kratom is believed to have up to 25% higher alkaloid content than other kratom plants.

The Strain demonstrates similar effects to those of Red Vietnam, although it is euphoric and stimulating. Besides, it also causes relaxation and relieves anxiety. Most users have also indicated the ability to think clearly and stay motivated when using yellow Vietnam kratom.

Yellow Kratom Side Effects

Is Yellow Kratom safe? Yes, indeed. However, it does not lack its fair share of side effects. You will be glad to know that the side effects are mild, short-term, and distinct to each individual.

The following are some of the side effects that have been reported by yellow kratom users.

  • Mild sweating
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Dizziness

Yellow Kratom Dosage

As with anything, you must take yellow kratom in moderation and with great care. For the best results you are advised to begin with the lowest possible dosage and stick to it. This kratom variety is known for its ability to alter an individual’s psychology, and it can substantially improve your capacity to perform strenuous duties.

When it comes to kratoms, you should know that dosage is a very personal thing. The amount of powder you should take depends on your unique situation, and you should consider your condition in its entirety before settling on how much kratom to ingest. Some of the differences arise in terms of physical health, mental health, lifestyle, age, body weight, and their tolerance to kratom, among other issues.

While you may come across numerous reviews advising you to take doses of up to 10 grams and above, the truth is you don’t need that much kratom to realize the full benefits. What’s more, if you are using pure yellow kratom, all you need is a gram or two.

 Check out the following guideline

  • A beginner should use a dose of up to 2 grams just enough to start feeling it.
  • At a moderate dose of up to 4 grams, the full effects will kick in, although at a low level.
  • At larger servings of up to 7 grams, the full effect will kick in at a high level.
  • At an advanced dosage of 7 to 10 grams, the effects could be overwhelming for most.

Yellow Kratom Purchase

You may have heard this before, but you must be extremely vigilant when looking to buy the Yellow Kratom. Honestly, you cannot just purchase yellow kratom in any online kratom store. Firstly, this product as quite the reputation for being mislabeled and being of poor quality. Secondly, given its scarcity, some vendors may overprice their commodity, or sell you something that is not the real yellow kratom.

Before buying your kratom supplies, you must ensure that you do due diligence to ensure that the supplier from whom you are buying is a legitimate and respected kratom vendor. What’s more, the size of the inventory can tell you whether they are merely a kratom supplier wannabe, or know their stuff. Again, how fast is the shipping? Do they offer a money-back guarantee? These are but some of the issues we should consider before committing to purchase your batch of Yellow Kratom.


Although the yellow kratom is relatively new to the scene, it is quickly finding its footing among the users. At least, now you know that there isn’t a yellow kratom plant existing in nature. This kratom variety has been dried under unique conditions that provide it with a wide range of positive effects, both physically and mentally. 

If you are new to using kratom and want to try yellow kratom, you may consider asking for a sample first. 

All in all, stick to reasonable doses and buy your batch from a legit supplier.

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