White Horn Kratom Reviewed: What you should know

A short introduction to White Horn Kratom

Have you been looking for ways to boost your energy levels? At this point, you probably are tired of using coffee, or it no longer works for you. Primarily, this is because caffeine only provides you with a temporary boost which ore accompanied by jitteriness and a long, arduous crash.

Alternatively, others have tried those tiny one-shot 5-hour energy drinks which feel like one has been injected with an adrenaline shot straight to the heart. If these barely legal pills do not give you a heart attack, you should know that they aren’t remotely suitable for your health. Similarly, this method is accompanied by agonizing drowsiness.

white horn kratom

Who wants to feel sleepy and jittery when all you wanted was an energizing effect?

Research shows that Kratom leaves can help to alleviate fatigue and provide a feel-good, stimulating, and pleasant energy. In particular, the White Horn Kratom has demonstrated significant potential in boosting mood and elevating energy levels.

If you want to learn more, here is the complete lowdown on the White Horn variety.

What is White Horn Kratom?

White Horn Kratom is one of the most elusive kratom strains. What’s more, it is on high demand in the kratom-using community following its relative scarcity and unique benefits.

Foremost, other kratom strains such as White Borneo, White Kapuas, and White Sumatra which are named after their place of origin. However, unlike these white kratoms, White Horn is named after the shape of the plant’s leaves, which are horn-shaped.

When it comes to the origin, this particular strain is grown in the Borneo Island of Indonesia. Like other kratom strains, it contains two active alkaloids, 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine. When likened to different kratom strains, this one features higher levels of mitragynine and lower amounts of 7-hydroxymitragynine.

White Horn Kratom Benefits

  • Boosts Energy Levels

The body is an energetic force that operates optimally during a state of equilibrium. Therefore, if your busy schedule provokes an imbalance in the energy levels, your entire system will begin to falter. On the other hand, if you focus on elevating your energy levels naturally, everything will fall back into place, and you will experience a high-quality life.

For instance, you’ll have a stronger immune system, sleep better, and your productivity will increase drastically.

White Horn is a staple among busy professionals, students, and people working in a high-paced environment.

  • Is a Natural Stimulant

Remember all the reasons why you love taking coffee in the morning? Well, this kratom can provide similar benefits. What’s more, stimulation from the white horn lasts way longer than what you can get when using coffee.

White Horn increases the dopamine levels in the brain. In case you didn’t know, dopamine is a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure, attention, and mobility. As a result, you will feel alert throughout your day, without the common side effects of using stimulants.

  • Promotes Positive Thinking

If we’re honest, we all experience moments when our spirits are low. During this time, one may feel unsure about their abilities.

During these moments, White Horn can help to keep your head in the game. It can help you overcome the feelings of uncertainty by elevating your mood. As a result, it helps you to develop a positive attitude towards life.

Thoughts attract things, and you want to ensure that your thoughts are positive all the time.

  • Contributes to Relaxation

This perk is one of the reasons why kratoms have long been thought to be opioids. While it is not an opioid, it provides similar effects to those of morphine or other opioids.

While there hasn’t been much study on the subject of kratom, you will be glad to know that white horn kratom reduces depression and anxiety effects through binding with specific receptors in the brain.


White Horn Kratom Side Effects

Everything with moderation; including White Horn Kratom. You will agree that too much of anything is poisonous, and taking this strain in high doses is no different. Given that kratom is an all-natural substance, it is highly tolerable and causes mild and temporary side effects, especially when used in excess.

Some of the side effects you may experience after taking this powder include the following;

  • The overpowering sensation of energy
  • Mild sweating
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Vision issues

When one takes too much kratom, they experience an effect usually referred to as ‘the wobbles.’ During ‘the wobbles’, one may experience minor problems with their vision. For instance, you may experience double vision. Additionally, you may experience jitteriness to accompany the changes in vision.

When you feel wobbly, you must not drive or operate machinery. You should just chill and zone out till ‘the wobbles’ fade.

You will be glad to know that the sides are short-term.

Tolerance is yet another ‘side effect’ of using this kratom. If you use White Horn Kratom daily, your dose will become lose its efficacy over time as your body builds tolerance against the strain.

Combating White Horn Kratom Side Effects

You can avoid tolerance by taking your White Horn kratom less frequently. You can also buy various kratom strains and rotate them. This way, you will not be taking one strain often enough for your body to build tolerance towards it. Besides, you can also cycle various strains, which is an excellent way to reduce tolerance. Finally, it is also recommended that you take a few days to lay off the kratom. These tips will help you to keep benefiting from the effects of the white horn for the long term.

Headache is one of the side effects of using White Horn. As you may know, dehydration is one of the primary causes of headaches. Therefore, drinking plenty of water will help you to soothe these effects.

How to Use White Horn Kratom

If you’ve used kratom before, you can skip to the next section. If not, here are some tips on how you can use White Horn for the best results.

The most common approach used by most consumers is swallowing the powder in the back of your tongue with water or any other liquid (DO NOT USE ALCOHOL). This method is known as the wash and toss technique.

Alternatively, you can mix the powder with protein powders and milkshakes or even mix with foods such as yogurt.

White Horn capsules are yet another excellent way to take the kratom. Unfortunately, due to the scarcity of this strain, you won’t find many vendors offering white horn capsules. The good news is that you can still make capsules at home. You will find information on how to do this online.

White Horn Kratom Dosage

How much of this kratom should I use? This is a common query, and honestly, it would be a lie to include that there is a consensus on the amount of kratom one should use. An educated guess would say that the lack of adequate scientific research on the effects and interactions of this substance is the reason why a standard dosage doesn’t exist.

However, there is sufficient anecdotal evidence to help with the recommendation of an average dose that will provide substantial effects without exposing users to harsh side effects.

Hold up. White Horn is a spectrum substance. This means that the higher your dosage, the more powerful the effects. However, don’t let this fact fool you. Taking low doses of this kratom will still provide you with a wide range of benefits, and will save you from experiencing undesirable side effects.

The following is a general guideline on how you should take your White Horn Kratom.

Start with low servings– When you’ve just started, it is advisable to use small doses of two to four grams per day. Mark you, this is amount is enough to provide substantial improvements in mood and energy levels for a significant duration.

Proceed to a moderate dose– if you want to experience the nootropic benefits of White Horn while enhancing your level of productivity, three to six grams of the powder is a sufficient amount. With this serving, you will realize increased mental acuity, improved cognitive function, and soaring energy levels.

Try high doses– The highest white Horn dose you can take comfortably without experiencing side effects is between eight and ten grams. When you take this amount, you will experience feelings of relaxation and high energy euphoria. If you use this dose before attending a social engagement, this dose will get you out of your shell.

Where Do I Buy White Horn Kratom?

Well, there is a long list of vendors from whom you can purchase a batch of White Horn kratom. However, not all of them offer the same guarantee on quality. What’s more, you’ll find that some retailers take long before shipping, which is somewhat irritating.

Therefore, whether you are purchasing your merchandise online or offline, you must ensure that your supplier is a trusted one. Considering the scarcity of this strain, it is not uncommon to buy a different kratom being passed off as White Horn kratom.


There you have it. That’s about all you need to know about White Horn kratom. After what you’ve read, what are your thoughts on the strain? Are you feeling it?

Anyway, if you occasionally feel like you are running on empty, this kratom can help to boost your energy levels, boost your mood, and help you maintain focus.

Overall, as long as you stick to minimal doses and avoid tolerance, you should enjoy the benefits of this rare stuff for a long time.


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