White Borneo Kratom: The complete Usage Guide

Introduction to White Borneo Kratom

Are you a morning person? If you were to describe your daily productivity on a scale of one to ten, how would you rank it? If we’re honest, everybody encounters challenges staying at the top of their game, every once in a while.

Have you ever come across an individual who owns their day from the moment they wake up till they retire to bed? This guy jumps out of bed relatively early, probably without an alarm. He waltzes into the office and goes through his to-do-list like he owns the world. Meanwhile, you’ve hit snooze on your alarm thrice, and after dragging yourself to work, you’re still struggling to keep your eyes open.

white borneo kratom

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t become active and sharp until you’re down your third cup of coffee, it may be time for you to experiment with White Borneo Kratom.

Kratom users have it that this kratom strain is excellent for improving focus and productivity. On several occasions, its effects have been likened to those of using nootropics. Sounds promising, huh?

The following is a comprehensive guide explaining everything you’d like to know on White Borneo Kratom.

What is White Borneo Kratom?

White Borneo kratom is one among a wide array of varieties of the Mitragyna Speciosa plant (kratom). The strain originates from Borneo, one of the largest islands in the world, shared between Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia. However, a significant portion of the island is in Malaysia.

When it comes to classifying kratom, there are three primary categories, including the white, red, and green kratom. Each strain has a unique set of effects and probably features a unique alkaloid composition. When you heard the name White kratom for the first time, what impression did you get? By any chance did you imagine a white powder? Interestingly, most people do.

However, these colors are adopted from the color of the vein running down the kratom leaf. Therefore, the white vein kratom features a whitish vein running down the center of each leaf.

White kratom is a little easier to understand when compared to other forms of kratom. It is also relatively more accessible. This substance functions more like coffee. Not surprisingly, kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) plants are related to the coffee plant. However, you will be glad to know that White Borneo kratom does not feature the same shortcomings of coffee. In this regard, you can enjoy the energy and wakefulness, without the undesired side effects of twitchiness and anxiety for users.

White Borneo Kratom Benefits

  • Enhances Cognitive Performance

Thousands of individuals across the world are already using White Borneo kratom to boost their cognitive ability. When used the right way, this substance can improve various aspects of your brain functioning; the most notable is its potential to enhance focus.

White Borneo is especially helpful for students and professionals. Guess why? The ability to focus is crucial not only for getting the job done, but ensuring that everything is done with the utmost accuracy. Therefore, if you have trouble focusing, or wish to boost your focus, this is it.

This kratom strain is also excellent when it comes to problem-solving skills. There are also claims that this strain could improve memory. While there’s only anecdotal evidence to support these claims, it would be a complete game-changer if white Borneo kratom indeed enhances these two functions.

  • Stimulates the Mind

White Borneo kratom is renowned for its ability to deliver clean energy. Mark this, the keyword here is clean. The thing is, there is a wide variety of substances, both legal and illegal being taken for their stimulating effects. At the top of this list is coffee.

When you take a cup of coffee or two, in the morning, you will get sufficient energy to keep you going for half a day or so. On the flip side, you may be left experiencing jitteriness, or nursing headaches, among other side effects.

However, the narrative is different with White Borneo kratom. This strain will give you sufficient energy to last you up to eight hours or more. And that’s not the best of it. This kratom strain provides the energy boost without exposing you to jitteriness, nausea, headaches, and the other side effects associated with the other stimulants.

  • Enhances Mood

You could have Clark Kent’s energy, but if your mood is dull, it will be very challenging for you to accomplish anything substantial. You will love to know that the alkaloids in this kratom strain will not disappoint during your dull days.

White Borneo kratom has the potential to boost your mood and change your perception regardless of the task at hand. When you combine an excellent attitude with sound physical and mental energy, you realize that you can accomplish more stuff with improved accuracy and you’ll be enjoying yourself the entire time.

You will be glad to know that some individuals have reported gaining a sense of joy and delight from taking White Borneo. However, while this strain can increase your happiness levels, it is nowhere as euphoric as the Red Borneo.

  • Promotes Relaxation

If you want to calm your nerves and enjoy peace of mind, White Borneo can help you achieve that. What’s more, this strain has proven useful in helping individuals with anger issues to lead a calmer life. This strain provides a soothing effect that cools your mind and relaxes your muscles within a short time. As a result, it eliminates feelings of stress, anxiety, and bitterness as well.

Peace of mind is crucial, especially in this contemporary, high-paced environment rife with stringent schedules. If you can’t keep a clear head, you may find yourself losing a lot (job, spouse, assets, etc.).


White Borneo Kratom Side Effects

You will be glad to know that there aren’t any known adverse effects of taking White Borne Kratom. Nevertheless, taking it in high doses may be discomforting as you may experience nausea and jumpiness.

What’s more, kratom, in general, is addictive when taken in the long-term, and is associated with some unsettling withdrawal effects.

White Borneo Kratom Dosage

Dosing practices for kratom are a very individual experience. This is because there is a myriad of factors that may affect the way your body metabolized the substance. Some of the factors include

  • Diet
  • Age
  • Physical Health
  • Body fat/ Weight
  • Mental Health
  • Quality of Kratom
  • Kratom tolerance levels
  • Humidity levels

As you may have noticed, dosing kratom may be affected by some factors, even beyond your grasp. As a result, you should be up to for some trial and error when serving your kratom.

However, as a rule of thumb, lower doses work best for White kratom strains. That’s because White Borneo kratom is energizing and higher doses may cause excessive stimulation to some individuals. Anecdotal reports indicate that the sweet spot for most of the users is approximately three grams.

If you are new to kratom, more experienced users and kratom researchers advise that you start with an even lower dose. You’ll be surprised how much stimulation you can get from one gram of pure White Borneo kratom. However, if you do not experience your desired effect, you may increase the amount by half, at least thirty minutes after the initial dosage. Don’t be shy to repeat the same thing every thirty minutes until you’ve reached your desired effects.

Here’s a tip. It is prudent to keep a log of your kratom doses. This is especially crucial if you tend to rotate strains, which is highly recommended to avoid building tolerance for one strain. Keeping records of your dosage is vital as different strains have varying potencies, and the amount that works with another strain may not work with White Borneo.

Finally, we advise that you do not take high amounts of this kratom as it may be extremely stimulating, thus making you feel nauseous and nervy.

Where to Purchase & Price

Kratom is readily available in many locations. However, most states in the US lack the necessary regulations to ensure that the kratom sold within its jurisdiction is pure and free of adulterants.

Therefore, your best chance of getting fresh, high quality, and potent kratom is from a renowned online vendor. The best kratom vendors test all their products for purity and potency to guarantee you a pleasurable experience.

Regarding matters of price, you can buy one ounce for $14.95. You can also buy in bulk, and get a kilogram of the same at $299. However, these prices are different with each vendor.


Before parting ways, you should know that White Borneo kratom is not ideal as a pain reliever. You may have to take a substantial amount of the product to experience pain relief, and it may be harmful.

However, if you are looking to boost your mood, energy, productivity, and mental capacity, this kratom strain will deliver for you. White Borneo is an all-natural product that has been linked to zero to minimal side effects. It is affordable, easy to administer, and its effects are long-lasting.

Finally, you must buy your White Borneo from a legit dealer. Otherwise, you will never get the real kratom experience.


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