The Best Kratom for Sleep To Use in 2019

How to pick the Best Kratom for Sleep

Insomnia is a serious issue affecting so many people. What most of the affected people don’t realize is that failure in dealing with insomnia can have a detrimental effect on their overall life. You see, the human body is like a machine with your brain as the engine. To make sure that you are always functioning at your peak, the body has to rest, but most importantly, your brain needs some time to cool off and refresh. This only happens when you are sleeping. Therefore, when you are spending the biggest part of your nights staring at the ceiling with wild thoughts in your mind, you are actually starving your brain of the rest it needs. As a result, your brain’s efficiency will also drop, and soon afterward, your overall productivity will suffer. Your entire body starts to feel lethargic, and you’ll pretty much turn into a zombie. So, how exactly will you get your bills paid or graduate at such a state?

This is where sleep aids come in, and guess what? There are literally dozens of them in the market. Unfortunately, not all of them are ideal. For instance, is it really sensible to use some pharmaceutical grade sleep aid medications that will affect your chemical balances and your liver’s performance? The answer would perhaps be yes if there weren’t any alternative, but there is, and it is very impressive. Let me introduce you to Kratom.

What is Kratom?

Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa is a very popular tree that is commonly found in Southeast Asia. The tree has been around for hundreds of years, and over this period, it has been used in alternative medicine for the treatment of different kinds of conditions. In the modern world, Kratom is most popular as analgesia and in the treatment of opiate withdrawal symptoms, but it can do more than that. Certain strains of this tree are also known to induce deep sleep, making them a great option for the treatment of insomnia. Other than the fact that it is a natural solution, you’ll also love using Kratom because it will also benefit you in many other ways.

Here is the thing though Kratom comes in different strains, and if you make a mistake and use the wrong strain, you might end up getting the opposite of what you are looking for. Say, for instance, you end up using a white vein Kratom strain; your insomnia will get even worse because the white strains are known to be very stimulating and uplifting.

Generally, the red vein Kratom strains are your best option in dealing with insomnia. They are not all the same, though. The following are the best Kratom strains that can finally put an end to your sleep deprivation issues.

Red Sumatra Kratom

As the name suggests, Red Sumatra Kratom comes from Sumatra Island found in Indonesia. This region is home to many potent Kratom trees with vast benefits. When utilized correctly, Red Sumatra Kratom will benefit you in more than just treating insomnia. It will relieve you of stress and anxiety. This should keep you relaxed and sleeping like a baby. The strain also has painkilling effects, and this can come in very handy when you are also experiencing some kind of pain like say migraines, backaches, muscle soreness, and many more.

Something I really like about Red Sumatra Kratom is the fact that its effects are long-lasting. After taking this strain, you can feel its impact for up to 10 hours. This is excellent news, especially when you consider that most of the alternative strains usually last for only 6 or so hours. The problem, however, is that if you are buying your Red Sumatra Kratom from the wrong vendor then you’ll also not get to enjoy its long-lasting effects and you might also not experience its full benefits. Getting the best Kratom supplier is a serious challenge because it is an uncontrolled industry with so many fake products.

Red Borneo Kratom

Borneo Island is home to three different strains of Kratom. Of the three, Red Borneo Kratom is your best bet when you want to deal with insomnia. Just like Red Sumatra Kratom, this particular strain will also benefit its users in more than one way. Other than helping you get the high-quality sleep you deserve, it will also help in; reducing stress, mood elevation, enhancing focus and attention span and boosting your confidence levels. Red Borneo Kratom is also known to enhance energy and work as a pain killer.

At low doses, you will experience better focus and overall mental clarity. To induce sleep, you’d want to take moderate or slightly more doses of this strain. However, you should avoid taking it in excess as it may result in unwanted reactions.

Red Bali Kratom

Red Bali Kratom comes from Bali, Indonesia. It is one of the most widely available Kratom strains, and it also happens to be one of the most affordable. Its “cheap” price tag doesn’t mean that it is not any useful though. People have successfully used Red Bali Kratom to deal with insomnia and other problems like pain, anxiety, and stress. A few grams of this strain will ease up your mind and calm it down, making it much easier for you to fall asleep.

Unfortunately, the effects of Red Bali Kratom are not as long-lasting as the other strains. Yes, it will work pretty fast to clear up your mind and relieve you of pain and anxiety, but after a few hours, you will start noticing its impact wearing off.


The subject of Kratom dosage can be very confusing. This is because there is no one set dose that is guaranteed to work for everyone. Different users may have to take different doses of the same strain to experience the same effects. That’s because each person’s reaction will vary depending on their biochemistry and even on the specific supplier of the strain. As you may know, different vendors have Kratom with different concentration levels, and this directly affects how users react to the strain. The concentration levels of a supplier can also vary from one Kratom batch to the next. Therefore, you need to do a little experimentation before you can find your ideal dosage.

We recommend that all users start with doses as low as 2-3 grams. Some people usually find the low doses sufficient and hence they never have to go any further than that. However, some guys – especially the ones with high tolerance – will be forced to increase the dose to feel its impact. If that’s you, then you should do it gradually while keeping a close eye to how you are reacting.

If you intend to curb insomnia, take the strain about 1.5 to 2 hours before sleeping. If you are just looking for relaxation, you can take the strain 2-6 hours before going to bed.

Final Thoughts

The beauty with natural products is that you can easily take them and never have to deal with any repercussions provided you are adhering to the recommended dose. The same case applies here. When taken properly, the above strains will give you unparalleled relaxation, and you’ll never have to deal with insomnia again. However, abusing the strains can also result in issues such as nausea, vomiting, euphoria, etc. These will definitely affect your ability to sleep, and you may even have to see a physician to treat some of the reactions. Therefore, take the strains responsibly and make sure that you are also buying your Kratom from reputable vendors.

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