The Best Kratom for Energy to Try Out

How to choose the Best Kratom for Energy

Kratom might just be up there among the best things that nature has ever given us. This tree grows widely in the Southeast Asia region where it has been used for different medicinal purposes for centuries. The funny thing, however, is that the western world has only recently learned of the enormous benefits that one can get from the tree. In just a flash, I can tell you that Kratom is one of the best natural remedies for different types of pain and other issues such as anxiety and stress. Some people have also used the tree for recreational purposes since it also has some euphoric properties.

Scientists are also investigating the use of Kratom for the treatment of opiate withdrawal symptoms. Even though most of these studies are still ongoing, some people have already used the tree for that purpose, and they are reporting incredible results. In addition to all that, some people have replaced their morning cup of coffee with Kratom. The tree has proven to be very energizing, and on top of that, it also gives the user a cutting edge as far as focus, concentration, and other cognitive functions go. 

But, how in the world does a single tree get to do all that? I also had the same question ringing in my head the first time I came across all the claims linked to Kratom. Here is how; Kratom or Mitragynine Speciosa is available in different strains as you probably already know. All the Kratom strains have natural chemicals known as alkaloids, which give the trees their potency. Some of the most common and beneficial alkaloids are Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. The difference between the different Kratom strains in the market is the type of alkaloids they contain and their concentration.

With that in mind, it’s easier to understand how a certain Kratom strain can achieve a particular effect while another one can have the exact opposite effect. In today’s review, we are taking a closer look at the strains that you can use to get that juice you need to see you through a tedious day.

So, which is the best Kratom for energy?

Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da Kratom is perhaps the most popular Kratom strain in existence today. This widely used strain is rich in alkaloids making it one of the most potent Kratom strains you can get your hands on. Actually, it effects in boosting energy levels have even been compared to those of pharma grade nootropics and other energy boosters. However, what would make you choose this strain over almost all the other alternatives is the fact that it gets the job done pretty quickly without affecting you negatively. Well, unless you decide to abuse the strain in which case you’ll have some severe adverse reactions to take care of.

Other than boosting your energy levels, Maeng Da Kratom is also very useful as a painkiller. This can be very useful in the real world where you’ve been working for hours, and you’re feeling some migraine and backaches creeping in yet you still have a pile of work that needs your attention.

It’ll be a great injustice if we fail to mention that Maeng Da Kratom takes a very short time for its effect to set in and that the impact will last for quite a long time. This is very useful since no one wants to be using a compound that has to be consumed every now and then to keep its presence in your body.

Thai Kratom

Thai Kratom is yet another brilliant energizing Kratom strain. A great percentage of Kratom users swear by it, and it’s very easy to understand why. Of all the Kratom strains in the market, Thai Kratom is believed to have the highest levels of the alkaloid known as Mitragynine. This is the alkaloid that gives Kratom strains their energizing properties. It stimulates the central nervous system, which means that the strain doesn’t just fire you up physically but also mentally. As you high energy levels, you will also experience enhanced mental awareness. This is pretty much what every professional or student needs.

You can get a clean energy boost from all the three Thai Kratom strains. However, if you are looking for the most stimulating, then you should try out the green or white vein Thai Kratom.


White Vein Strains

White Vein Strains are generally great options for anyone who is looking for an energizing Kratom strain. These strains are normally quite powerful, providing an instant energy boost, which is really essential for anyone living a busy and highly demanding lifestyle.

One of the best White Vein Strains to use here is White Borneo. This potent strain is beneficial in several ways. Apart from giving you physical and mental juice, it will also improve your attentive and other cognitive functions. In essence, White Borneo gives you the energy you need and the mental sharpness you require to improve your efficiency and help you get the job done perfectly.

Other than White Borneo, you can also utilize White Maeng Da Kratom. This will charge you with energy, and the best part is that you will never have to deal with agitation, jittery, and some of the other common adverse reactions associated with typical stimulants.

White Sumatra is also a decent option. However, users should know that White Sumatra can also be quite euphoric depending on how you are using it and your biochemistry. Therefore, its best that you try out the supplement for some time during your free time so that you can monitor your reaction lest it ends up getting you high while on the clock.

Malay Kratom

Malay Kratom is yet another option for anyone seeking a natural energizer, but it can be a very tricky strain. That’s because Malay Kratom is better known for its painkilling abilities. To get its energizing effects, you have to use it in low doses; otherwise, it will only yield analgesic effects which will make it useless if you are not in any pain.

Vietnam Kratom

Vietnam Kratom strains are not as popular as their counterparts from Indonesia and Malaysia. However, they are also quite useful in various ways. Vietnam strains can work as both stimulants and sedatives. It’s, therefore, crucial to remain keen on the doses you are taking to make sure that you are getting the results you need. It’s also a good idea to test out the strains when you are not engaged in professional duties so that you can understand how they are working with your body before you commit yourself.

How to Use Kratom for Energy

Kratom is a very funny tree because it can produce different effects depending on the doses you are taking. The craziest part is that some of the stimulating strains can actually have the opposite effect on your body if you don’t use them appropriately.

Generally, to get the best stimulating effects of any strain of Kratom, you have to make sure that you are using it in low doses. Even seasoned Kratom users are advised to keep the doses low failure to which the strains may have sedating effects. By low, we are talking about anything around 1 to 5 grams.

As an extra precaution, we’ll also urge you to try out the strains over the weekends or while you are on holiday. This is very helpful, especially if you are new to Kratom. It allows you to get the appropriate dosage and strain you need, and hence, you will never have to deal with any surprises when you finally start to use it while at work or in school.

The beauty with perhaps all the Kratom strains highlighted above is that their effects are almost instant. Therefore, you’ll never have to wait around or take it hours in advance before you can feel its effects kick in. Taking the strains for a test drive while on holiday should also help you get an idea of how long the strain usually takes to kick in.

Final Thoughts

The above strains are your best picks when you need energy. However, it’s also good that you learn of some of the strains that can have the opposite effect. This is especially useful if you are already using a Kratom strain for another purpose. Strains such as Bali, Indo, and Borneo should be avoided if you want to keep your energy levels high.

With that said, you can still benefit hugely from the above strains even if you need more than just a boost in energy levels. Some of the strains discussed above can also double up as excellent pain killers while others will go as far as boosting your cognitive performance. From all the options above, you surely can’t miss one that will do the trick for you.


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