OPMS Kratom Review: Benefits & Side Effects

A short introduction to OPMS Kratom

One of the most challenging prospects when it comes to kratom use is selecting the right vendor. If you are a kratom enthusiast and are keen on settling for the best, then this is a problem of which you are well aware. It is quite unsettling that despite there being a high number of kratom sellers, only a handful will make it worth your while. Finding out which one in itself is not a walk in the park.

For instance, as a consumer, you must be sure about the quality of raw materials or plant derivatives from which the different kratom strains are produced. Unfortunately, merely looking at the product labeling may not be sufficient, as mislabeling is not uncommon and the kratom industry.

opms kratom

Apart from the quality, there is a host of other reasons why you may want to buy your kratom from one vendor and not the next.

OPMS Kratom is considered one of the most reliable and renowned suppliers of various trains, colors and types of kratom. To some, this company is among the leaders in the kratom industry. But why all the praise?

The following review outlines everything you need to know about OPMS kratom, as we help you figure out what the hype surrounding this brand is all about and whether it is worth it.

OPMS Kratom Background

OPMS Kratom is a kratom company based in Atlanta, Georgia. It was founded in 2010, and since then it has supplied kratom and Kava products to willing consumers. 

The company’s logo sports the slogan Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions. OPMS Kratom is billed us organically purified Mitragyna Speciosa. As you may know, Mitragyna Speciosa is the name of the plant from which kratom leaves are produced. 

But what exactly does organically purified mean? Well, that is anyone’s guess, and for all intents and purposes, it appears a little more like a catchy, gimmicky advertising ploy aimed towards the gluten-free vegan crowd. 

Over the last decade, the brand has bombarded the herb industry some of the most cutting edge solutions to extract the kratom plant in a curatively valuable manner. As a result, this company has become the home of fresh and potent kratom, which explains why the company is considered one of the best kratom companies today.

OPMS has a patented kratom extraction technique. The technique has played a considerable role in providing the company with a competitive edge over its rivals. The majority of kratom products are created by extracting alkaloids with solvent or hot water. While that approach may be relatively useful, the abrasive nature of hot water and solvents tends to reduce the alkaloid content. On the other hand, OPMS uses a method that incorporates hot water and high-pressure. The technique enables the OPMS Kratom brand to extract alkaloids without losing too much of its potency.

The unique extraction technique ensures that processed Mitragyna Speciosa retains at least 95% of its alkaloid content period. As a result, the company boasts of having pure and highly potent kratom products.

Given that OPMS has been around for a while now, it has helped thousands of U.S. Citizens to overcome the seemingly unbeatable effects of drug addiction and its deadly implications on an individual’s life.

OPMS Product Range

This company offers only four kratom products. Honestly, this is not exactly a windfall for customers who prefer getting all their natural supplements in one place. What’s more, one may argue that the products are slightly expensive compared to other kratom products. However, it may also be argued that the high price is an indication of the product’s superior quality.

The four kratom varieties offered by OPMS kratom are as follows.

  • OPMS silver kratom powder and capsules
  • OPMS liquid kratom
  • OPMS gold kratom capsules
  • OPMS OPK Kava 


OPMS Silver Kratom

This kratom supplier either sells kratom capsules or kratom powder of the silver kratom variety. OPM’S silver kratom powder is a finely ground powder and the oldest kratom brand product to be sold in the United States.

This product price ranges from $19.99 to $57.99. The silver kratom is available in three different sizes. The first size is an 8g bag which contains 16 capsules. The second one is a 15g bag which contains 30 pills. The third and largest bag is a 30g bag containing 60 tablets.

The capsules are made through a unique pulverizing technique which involves the conversion of kratom leaves into a fine powder, thus increasing its surface area.  This method is quite ingenious as it allows for more kratom content to be crammed into a single capsule.

Silver products are tested for alkaloid content on a regular basis. It is available in three variations, that is Thai, Maeng Da and Malay Special Reserve.

The OPMS Silver Kratom is uniquely able to decrease an individual’s anxiety level and also contributes to elevating the energy levels. Due to its calming effect, this train is highly preferred to reduce the daily fatigue that accompanies a long day of work.

You will be glad to know that the Silver Kratom is highly potent and bioavailable as well. It works within 5-10 minutes of consumption and can stay active in the body for up to five hours.

OPMS Gold Kratom

You’ll be glad to know that OPMS gold kratom capsules are more effective when compared to ordinary kratom products from other suppliers. They offer mental health benefits and can also treat our broad range of ailments.  The gold capsules work fast which means that you can take them to relieve pain and also to increase your vigor instantly.

Considering that the gold kratom extract is highly potent, the supplier recommends that you start with the small doors and as time goes by increased steadily. For instance, as a beginner, you can start with two capsules (one gram). OPMS Gold is a highly potent kratom strain and taking accurate doses will enable you to experience the maximum recreational and health benefits offered by the product.

At small doses of about 1-5 grams, you’ll experience stimulant-like effects within the first 10 minutes of ingesting your capsules and last for about 90 minutes.

To anecdotal reports, some users have found the effect pleasant while others have complained about an uncomfortable sense of agitation and anxiety.

The stimulant-like effects of the gold kratom include;

  • Increased libido
  • Lack of appetite
  • Better sociability
  • Increased alertness and energy

At high doses of about 5 to 15 grams, Gold Kratom causes opioid-like effects which may last for several hours. They include:

  • Pain relief
  • Drowsiness
  • Cough suppression
  • Dreamlike and calm mental state
  • Opioid reduction of withdrawal symptoms

The gold pills are said to be more potent at the silver ones and are available in two, three and five-count packages. What’s more, they are also available in a trapped blister card package. Three gold kratom pills are sold for about $25.95, while five capsules fetch $46.95. Why are they so expensive? Apparently, they are made from organically harvested kratom and provide immediate pain relief and mood enhancement.

OPMS Liquid Kratom

One salient factor about the OPMS liquid kratom is that it delivers a pleasant experience to the user quicker than the powder or capsule forms. This product is made available in an 8 ml bottle. You may also opt to purchase the entire display box which contains 45 bottles. The liquid kratom is packaged in a uniquely designed container that resembles an hourglass silhouette, which is properly sealed to maintain integrity. 

As mentioned earlier, the descriptive form is easily digestible as opposed to capsules and powder. As a result, its effects also kick in faster, almost instantly. Administering the liquid should not be a problem as you can have it by adding a drop in your tea or coffee. 

When it comes to OPMS liquid kratom, most users report a lack of any side effects, including the usual ones such as nausea and vomit, which is a significant perk. 

A single bottle of the liquid kratom is sold for $17.95, although you can also purchase in bulk at a reduced price.


This is deemed to be the best kava in the market today. In case you’re wondering, kava is a herbal remedy derived from the roots of piper methysticum, a type of plant native to the islands of the Pacific Ocean. The plant is rich in kavapyrones, which provoke a similar effect to alcohol on your brain. 

OPMS Kava contributes to a feeling of relaxation, happiness, and calmness. It also helps to relieve pain, relax muscles and prevent seizures.

Three capsules of OPMS Kava are sold at $23.95, and five pills cost $35.95.

Final Word on OPMS Kratom

Are you boarding the OPMS hype train? Do you think that all the fuss around this brand is worth it?

Well, apart from its inventory, which is a bit too shallow, OPMS Kratom deserves every ounce of popularity coming its way, especially for its unique kratom extraction technique which has placed it miles ahead of its competitors.

It is clear that OPMS has remained steadfast in producing high-quality kratom, which inspires a lot of confidence in consumers.


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