How to Make Kratom Pills: The Complete Guide

Kratom Pills: What you should know

Kratom is a herb that originates from South East Asia. This substance has taken the Western world by storm, and reasonably so. In Asian countries, kratom has been used to boost mental focus, relieve pain, enhance alertness, promote concentration, and to increase sexual performance, among other functions. 

As more people start embracing this powerful homeopathic remedy, they must learn how to get the most out of it. As such, kratom pills are one of the many forms in which you can consume this herb.

Kratom capsules can be found on various online platforms. However, you must be careful when shopping for kratom pills. The quality of the kratom you consume will determine whether you will achieve the full range of kratom effects or not. Even worse, taking kratom pills of inferior quality may cause severe adverse reactions which can escalate into severe medical complications. This is especially the case when you take contaminated kratom capsules.

kratom pills

Instead of taking a chance on the quality of kratom you consume, how about making your own? 

Nothing beats the convenience and ease of using kratom capsules. It allows you to enjoy the freedom of ingesting kratom on-the-go at your tact without requiring you to make the time while drinking tea. If you consider buying ready-made capsules to be an expensive option, then you can opt to make your kratom pills. 

Making your kratom is not only economical, but it is also fun and engaging. 

The following is a detailed guide that will fill you in on everything you need to know to make kratom pills.

A Step by Step Guide

Making your own kratom pills may be slightly challenging during the first few attempts. It may also be relatively time-consuming if you do not have the proper equipment to help you. However, after a few trials and with the right apparatus, the process ought to get much more straightforward.

Here’s how you can make your own kratom step-by-step.

Before you can embark on making your kratom capsules, you will need to accomplish a few things first.

Select the Type of Capsules

Foremost, you will require the appropriate receptacle. In this case, it is the capsule case or empty capsule, whichever term you prefer. There are two types of capsules from which you can choose. You can either opt for the gelatin or go with the vegetarian capsules. However, a considerable number of people usually opt for gelatin capsules, and there are a few reasons why they do so.

  • Gelatin capsules– Gelatin capsules are the more preferred receptacle for holding kratom. These capsules are quite affordable and are available in various sizes and colors. As you know, gelatin is an animal by-product, which explains why there is a vegan option. Furthermore, it is crucial that you confirm whether you might be allergic to gelatin before settling for these capsules. 

Word has it that gelatin capsules may upset your stomach if you take them in large doses, not to mention the effect of overdosing on kratom.

Another concern when dealing with this capsule type is that they are unsuitable for liquid kratom products. While they can hold powdered kratom, they are useless when it comes to kratom tincture.

  • Vegetarian capsules- On the other hand, veggie capsules provide an excellent alternative. They are gradually becoming the more popular kratom receptacle on the market, and they are remarkable for holding kratom tincture.

These capsules are made from hypromellose, cellulose, and purified water. Besides, they are vegetarian-friendly, non-GMO, and free from gluten, preservatives, and other chemicals. 

You’ll love to know that vegetarian capsules dissolve in water much faster than gelatin capsules and are also safe from most allergic reactions. As you may have guessed, veggie capsules are costlier than gelatin capsules, and reasonably so.

Decide the Capsule Size

Capsule cases come in different sizes, and it is crucial that you get the appropriate size as it will make your dosing much more manageable. You should bear in mind that if use capsules that are too small, you’ll be required to swallow too many of them to reach the required dose. You also don’t want to use pills that are too large as they will become quite challenging to swallow. 

Some of the sizes from which you can choose are the following.

  • Size ‘000’: 1 kratom gram per capsule
  • Size ‘00’: 0.735 kratom grams per pill
  • Size ‘0’: 0.5 kratom grams per capsule
  • Size ‘1’: 0.4 kratom grams per capsule
  • Size ‘2’: 0.3 kratom grams per capsule

If you are using a capsule machine (aka capsule filler), you must ensure that your capsule trays and the capsules are the same sizes.


Gather Relevant Tools

After obtaining your ideal capsule, you should get some tools to help you with your next step, which is filling the capsule with the kratom powder. While you can do away without some of them, they can definitely make your work easier. Again this process can be time-consuming if you choose to do it manually.

To save time, you can buy a capsule filling machine (capsule filler). Some of these gadgets are sold with a tamper which helps to pack the powder into each capsule. It is advisable that you acquire this machine, especially if you’re planning on using kratom capsules for a long time. However, if you’re still experimenting on the pills and are not sure whether they’ll be a good fit for you or not, then you may skip acquiring the machine.

What is a Capsule Filler?

First, calling this minor device a machine is an overstatement. A capsule filling machine is a plastic box that contains slots in which empty capsules are placed for easy filling. The powder is then set in the gadget, and parked in the capsules. 

While there are different brands of capsule fillers, all of them work in a similar manner. The major advantage of using a capsule filler is that you do not have to taste the kratom or measure the pill for dosage purposes at every serving.

If you decide to buy a capsule filler, please make sure that it features a tamper; it helps you to pack the powder down. Otherwise, you may still need to get this device.

You also require a scale to measure the accurate dosage. A milligram sensitive scale is the best option in this case, as a less sensitive one may not be as accurate or even pick up small amounts all together.

Finally, you need to get a pair of latex gloves. These will make the process easier and even prevent the kratom from staining your hands. Medical grade latex gloves are also more hygienic than other types.

Fill the Capsules

Now, this is the easy part, although it’s also the more time-consuming part. 

First, prepare and measure the amount of kratom powder you require for each capsule. It is crucial that you do this before beginning any work as it facilitates the entire process. It is advisable to use a table or desk with a clean and smooth surface.

Open up each capsule and begin filling it with the powder you prepared initially. After you’ve finished, use the tamper to pack down the kratom you just filled in the capsule. Afterward, return the shorter end of the capsule, and there you have it.

Just ensure that each capsule contains the exact dosage you wanted before sealing it.

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is not to rush things. You must take your time and spend as much of it as you require for you to get the job right. Rushing it will only lead you to make a mess, as you will miss the capsules and spill the powder over. 

While this process may be a bit time-consuming, the end justifies the means.

Investing in a capsule filler will allow you to speed up the entire process, thus saving you some time. Capsule filling trays can accommodate up to 100 capsules, which means you’ll be able to make a large batch of kratom pills within a few minutes.

Additionally, if you select the right size of capsules for your needs and pack them properly, you won’t need to measure the amount of kratom for each one of them. However, it may still be a good idea to weigh an empty capsule and a full one to be entirely sure of the precise amount of powder contained within the pill.

Final Thoughts

Well, it’s definitely cool that you can DIY your way around making kratom pills, isn’t it? 

While kratom capsules have numerous benefits, they also have a few drawbacks as well. The pills are a convenient way of consuming kratom, given that you can pop the capsule from anywhere without stirring up attention or inconveniencing yourself. Besides, you get to avoid the miserable taste of kratom powder. Unfortunately, you may have to swallow several pills to get the recommended dosage, and effects are usually delayed when using kratom pills.


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