Kratom Drug Test: Should You Be Worried?

Kratom Drug Test: What you should know

Is it possible that professional athletes who fail drug tests are usually telling the truth when they say that they unknowingly took a substance that is was actually banned? Or could it be that they took the substance thinking that it cannot show up in a drug test? If you are engaged in any professional sports or if your working or studying environment is one that has a strict policy on the consumption of drugs, then you will find the following information vital.

kratom drug test

The truth of the matter is that Kratom is a very beneficial substance that can give you an extra cutting edge on different matters. This means that it can improve your output and as such, it makes sense that one should question whether a regular or even specialized drug test can actually detect the herb. But that’s not the biggest thing to worry about. The fact that Kratom has so many similarities with opiates cannot be ignored. We even know that some people are using Kratom to treat opioid withdrawal symptoms, and this is something that Kratom does so well since it mimics opioids in its interaction with opioid receptors. Therefore, the question here would be; can Kratom be detected in an opioid drug test? Could it actually produce the same drug test results as heroin, cocaine, and other similar drugs? How, can I pass a Kratom drug test?

Will Kratom be detected in a standard drug test?

Most organizations usually conduct standard drug tests. These are tests that are not really specialized to detect any one particular substance, but rather they are formulated to detect various kinds of commonly used drugs. The good news here is that the formula for this particular test cannot detect Kratom. However, this drug test can detect opiates, and this has been a cause for major concerns. According to several users, Kratom can result in what is known as a false positive drug test result. This is when the results show that the user has taken certain drugs when it’s actually not true. Most users explain that in certain instances, they ended up testing false positive for opiates, and the only thing closest to an opiate that they had consumed is Kratom.

Here is the thing, Kratom does interact with opioid receptors just like opiates. However, it is not an opiate, and its structure is also different from opiates. This is one of the reasons that a great percentage of standard drug tests cannot detect Kratom. While we cannot brush off the users’ reports on testing false positive, we also believe that the likelihood for that happening is almost nil. In the event that you do happen to test positive for an opioid and you know that the only thing you’ve been taking is Kratom, you can request for a Gas Chromatography or Mass Spectrometry which should help to clear you. However, you should bear in mind that certain Kratom vendors usually sell Kratom strains that are mixed with other compounds to improve their impact. These contaminated Kratom strains can very easily result in a false-positive result. This is more reason why you should source your Kratom from the most trusted vendors around.

The only test that is guaranteed to detect Kratom is one that is engineered to actually look for Kratom and its alkaloids. If Kratom is in your system at the time of the test, it’s almost given that it’ll be detected. Fortunately, not many organizations are really that much interested in detecting Kratom to the extent of formulating a drug test just for that.

Types of Kratom Drug Tests

Urine Drug Test

The most common type of drug test is the Urine Drug Test or UDS. This widely used test is usually very fast to carry out, and it also produces accurate results. It’s also the most preferred because it’s not invasive. Like we just pointed out earlier on, most standard UDS will not detect Kratom. However, certain tests, especially the ones that are targeting opioids, might be able to detect certain Kratom alkaloids. This is particularly common if you are a heavy Kratom taker.


Blood Tests

Blood tests usually provide a very comprehensive report. They can detect the presence of Kratom and its concentration. Therefore, if you are anticipating a blood test, you should try and avoid taking Kratom until after the test. Fortunately for you, blood tests have a very short window of detecting Kratom. In most cases, a Kratom blood test won’t be able to detect the herb if you’ve not taken any Kratom strain for several days. Also, blood tests are usually very invasive, and most organizations generally avoid them, and this is a good thing. 

Hair and Saliva Tests

At the moment, there aren’t any hair or saliva tests that are engineered to detect the presence of Kratom. However, we might see the development of these tests in the near future, especially if Kratom ends up getting banned.

For How Long Does Kratom Remain in The System?

So, we’ve established that specialized drug tests can actually detect Kratom and even its concentration and hence the question now is how long does it stay in the system?

Kratom has been around for centuries, but it has only recently gotten really popular in the western world. However, most of the information about this tree is based on anecdotal evidence and some limited research. The lack of sufficient clinical data leaves a lot of unknowns, and one of such is on the duration it takes for your system to be free from Kratom. 

Based on the little information available, Kratom can take up to 9 days to completely leave your system. The tricky part is that the actual number of days it takes will vary depending on the particular strain you are using and several other factors such as body fat, age, genetics, renal function, metabolic rate and water, and food intake. A Kratom strain with a long half-life will stay longer in your system than one with a shorter half-life. All the other individual characteristics mentioned above will also determine how long Kratom or any other substance will stay in your system. For instance, it is well known that younger people have a more efficient metabolic rate and renal function than the elderly, and hence, they can excrete Kratom and other substances a bit faster. Also, you should know that mitragynine – one of the primary alkaloids found in Kratom – is fat-soluble. This means that guys with a big body fat percentage are likely to retain Kratom metabolites for much longer than ones with moderate or low body fat percentage.

There is also evidence to show that strong Kratom users are likely to retain Kratom for longer as compared to low and moderate users.

Everything considered, the quickest Kratom strain to leave your system should take around two days while the slowest one will take approximately nine days. Unfortunately for us, we cannot really attach a specific time for every Kratom strain in the market. Therefore, to be on the safe side, you should avoid Kratom for around nine days or a week if you want your body to be clean of the herb. This can help you pass a Kratom drug test very easily, but sadly, you will need to have information on the drug test in advance for you to stop taking it.

Final Thoughts

Even though Kratom can be detected in certain drug tests, it is impossible that it will be detected in the traditional drug tests. I should also mention that it is actually possible to pass a Kratom drug test. This can be done in two ways, but unfortunately, both of these methods will only work if you are aware that a drug test will be done and when it’ll be undertaken. The first method, as mentioned above, involves avoiding Kratom for at least a week prior to the test. The second method is by taking detox drinks containing pre-rid pills. This will help to expedite the elimination of Kratom, but it still requires some days for it to work properly.

In case you are caught unaware, you can try and find comfort in the fact that Kratom is not illegal in most countries, including the US, and hence you probably won’t face any legal issues. Sadly, failing a Kratom drug test could cost you a job. 


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