Andro400: Everything You Need To Know About This Test Booster

A Quick intro to Andro400

Andro400 is a testosterone booster. The dietary supplement can increase the secretion of testosterone and in effect improve sex drive, support growth of muscles and enhance endurance. Testosterone boosters are necessary supplements for those who have a reduced secretion of the male sex hormone. Testosterone is not only responsible for sex drive or libido but also plays a role in muscle growth, metabolism and energy, recovery from injury and youthfulness. Andro400 has been around since 2004. It has been one of the most popular testosterone boosters over the years. 

What is Andro400?

Andro400 is a natural testosterone booster. It has a few stated benefits as per the claims of the manufacturer. The dietary supplement can melt and reduce belly fat, boost energy, improve libido or sex drive and support bulking up. The product is marketed to men as well as woman but it is more commonly used by the former. Andro400 does not have any major side effects. It increases the natural levels of testosterone. The product is made and sold by Natural Health Concepts. The company is based at West Palm Beach in Florida.

Andro400 Ingredients

There is one active ingredient in Andro400. It is Tongkat Ali. The scientific name of Tongkat Ali is Eurycoma longifolia. The herb is found in abundance across the rain forests of Malaysia and Indonesia. The herb has a long history of use in traditional medicine across Asian cultures. The medicinal properties of the herb have been known for centuries. Traditionally or in folk medicine, the herb was used as a pain reliever. The herbal extract was used to speed up recovery or healing process. The practitioners in Malaysia, Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries have been aware of the effects of the herb on endurance or stamina, testosterone and virility for hundreds of years. Andro400 contains the extract of the root of Eurycoma longifolia. One serving of the supplement has a hundred and fifty grams of pure root extract of Tongkat Ali.

Effects of Andro400

Natural Health Concepts claims on the official website that clinical studies and scientific research have shown or proven the many effects of the herbal ingredient or Eurycoma longifolia root extract. The company states that the active ingredient is capable of boosting testosterone production in the body. This is done naturally and hence the bioavailability of the testosterone is not limited. The free testosterone can be absorbed by the tissues and put to good use by the body. The official statement also says that the natural extract can trigger the hypothalamus to stimulate testosterone production by signaling the pituitary gland.

A few studies have concluded that the Tongkat Ali root extract can reduce testosterone bound to SHBG or sex hormone binding globulin. This helps free up some testosterone that becomes available for the body to use. Andro400 has another significant ability. It can prevent the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, which happens naturally in the human body. This also makes more testosterone available. Each capsule has a hundred and fifty milligrams of Tongkat Ali root extract, sufficient to boost testosterone to optimum levels. Those who have substantial testosterone deficiency should take two capsules every day.

Side Effects of Andro400

Many users do not experience any side effects of Andro400. Some people have reported a few side effects but most are mild and quite subtle. Eurycoma longifolia root extract is natural and safe. It has been used for centuries without people abandoning the herb because it does not pose any health risk. Some people experience more body heat. This is easily remedied by increasing hydration or water consumption. A few users have experienced insomnia for a while. This can be completely avoided if the dosage is restricted to one capsule a day. Increasing the dosage abruptly and when it is not really necessary can avert this side effect.

Increasing levels of testosterone can cause some irritability. This too is short lived. The capsule does not taste that great. The bitterness is often a cause for complaint. The bitterness comes from the natural ingredient. Changing that natural taste or flavor requires using other ingredients, organic or artificial, neither of which is desirable when the objective is to boost testosterone.

Andro400 Reviews

The dietary supplement and testosterone booster has been selling for fifteen years now. There are thousands of people who have used the product, many hundreds of whom have left online reviews. Had the product been anything other than the claims made by the company, it would not have been around for such a long time. The product is not used by everyone for the same purpose.

The objectives do vary quite a bit. For instance, many people use the product to lose fat and subsequently weight. Many men have relied on Andro400 to lose weight and to primarily reduce their waistline. The product works well as a weight loss supplement. How much weight a person may lose will depend on many factors, including but not limited to age, current body mass index, lifestyle, workout routine and diet. Medical history and overall health are also important factors that influence the progress.

Andro400 improves testosterone substantially and while all users can experience the enhanced libido, those who work out every day and are trying to bulk up will experience the most visible changes. Taking Andro400 every day as per the recommended dosage can improve strength and stamina. People have reported finding it easier to bench more weight and also go for more reps. Many users have found the energy boost to be better than what caffeine offers.

Weight loss, better muscle growth and improved sex life are three definite effects of Andro400. The supplement can be taken by diabetics and those who have high blood pressure. While the natural ingredient in the dietary supplement and testosterone booster does not necessarily cure diabetes or high pressure, there is a positive effect and people can live a much more comfortable life. The supplement can reduce high pressure and regulate it. Side effects of diabetes can be managed a tad better with the supplement.

Improved libido, stronger muscles and more energy have a psychological impact. Those who have a healthy sex drive and can work out longer with greater intensity and be energetic throughout the day will certainly have better self esteem and feel more positive towards various facets of life. This is why Andro400 apparently remedies depression and helps people to feel better about their selves, others and their lives in general. These experiences are quite common among those who have taken the supplement and enjoyed the benefits. Poor sex drive, obesity or excess weight and lack of energy are the three most common causes of depression among adult men and women.

Cost of Andro400

A bottle of Andro400 costs $34.95. Three bottles can be purchased for $89, a discount of $15. Six bottles cost $159, a discount of $50, and twelve bottles cost $259 which is a discount of $160. There is an option to have the bottles shipped automatically at a select date every month or thirty days. This auto ship option offers a discount of $5 per bottle so the cost of one every month will be $29.95. Andro400 has a full money back guarantee, valid for ninety days. Unopened, opened, partly or completely empty bottles can be returned and a refund is issued in two days.


Andro400 is a natural supplement. The ingredient has been proven to be effective and safe. The product is not expensive. The refund policy is consumer friendly. The company has been making the testosterone booster for fifteen years so there is a long history of use.

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