The Amazing Shake!

Delicious dairy-free shake made from organic whole grain brown rice!

Grainaissance Amazake Rice Shakes (pronounced ah-mah-zah-kee or ah-mah-zah-kay) are unique, wholesome and delicious dairy-free shakes made from 100% organic whole grain brown rice. We blend in almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, coconut, banana and many other natural and organic ingredients to create a wide variety of richly refreshing flavors.

Koji is the ingredient that makes Amazake different from other rice drinks. It is a cultured rice that converts starch into simple sugars, giving Amazake its nectar-like taste. The result is an easily digestible, naturally sweet and highly energizing drink that people of all ages can truly enjoy, and they're made with NO added salt, sweeteners or oils!

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Pack Amazake in lunches and picnic baskets for a real treat. Drink Amazake before your workout for a sustained energy boost that's both nourishing and refreshing.

Grab a bottle for a quick and satisfying meal on the run. Kids love Amazake too! Serve it as a nutritious after-school snack. For great tasting smoothies, try using Amazake instead of yogurt or milk. It's a wonderful substitute for dairy products in desserts and dressings. We invite you to try the taste-tempting recipes provided here. Have your own recipe ideas? We'd love to hear from you!





Kosher Certified

Low Fat


Low Sodium

Cholesterol Free

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